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In a changing business environment that is increasingly being dominated by online marketplaces, the correct choice of music can dramatically improve customer experience and help drive sales.

Matching the personality of your business with the right music can boost profits and carve out an identity for your brand.

Music for your business in undoubtedly a crucial factor to the overall experience of your customers . The music you choose doesn't just boost the mood of your customers or clientele, it can also boost your business. Getting background music for your business correct can result in increased customer spend, brand loyalty and customer retention.

How your customers feel has a huge affect on the way they think and behave within your venue, and your music can really shape this.

One study put this to the test in a supermarket. When soothing slow music played, shoppers moved slower and browsed longer. When loud and upbeat music played,  customers moved quicker and made more impulse purchasing decisions therefore increasing sales volume.

How can I build the best customer experience through music for my business?

Choosing the right music for your business has never been easier thanks to music streaming businesses such as Bheard and Epidemic sound. It starts with finding the sweet spot between what your customers value and how you want them to behave and what you’d like to communicate about your brand.  For example, do you want your customers to spend a while in your venue or do you benefit from a fast turnover?

If you are unsure about what music would best suit your business environment the team at Bheard can help suggest specific genres most suitable for your business application based on decades of experience in the music industry.

I want to improve my customers experience, what now?

If you're interested in improving your customers in-store experience, Bheard offers completely licensed music for $49.95 per month with a 30 day free trial. This service allows you to play any genre of music throughout any time of the day with no hidden licensing fees. You choose the genres that would best suit your business and we take care of the rest.

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